Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

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Nothing is as jarring as looking in your rearview mirror to see a rapidly approaching car or catching through your periphery a car skidding towards you and an inevitable collision.  If you have been in an accident, many things will run through your head: it wasn’t my fault! What is going to happen with my car?  Who is going to pay to fix it?  How can I get a rental vehicle?  What happens if I have to miss work?  How will I get treated for my injuries?

Initially, your focus should be on getting better and letting your attorney handle the headaches of dealing with the insurance company.  At Amicus Legal Group, our motto is that you can do things quick, or you can do things right.  After your car accident, be concerned with being a good patient first and a good client second.

Our team of professionals are committed to treating clients like family and helping them obtain the most compensation possible for their medical needs, out of pocket losses and for the pain and suffering sustained in auto accidents.


Protecting You Against the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are some of the most profitable companies in America today, and they did not get that way by being generous or paying out more money than they are forced to.  They do not care if your life has been permanently changed, if you have scars or will suffer for years to come.  Even when an insurance company has evidence that you are the victim and not at fault in any way this will not stop them from trying to convince you into signing papers waiving any claims you may have or negotiating a settlement which is clearly not in your best interests.

Our law firm’s top priority is to assist accident victims and their families get the most compensation possible from responsible parties and to ensure justice is achieved.  Our attorneys have represented insurance companies in the past before devoting their careers to helping accident victims.  We know how the other side operates and devote the time necessary to establishing liability.  Protect yourself by contacting a law firm who is not afraid of the insurance companies and is willing to file a lawsuit, if necessary.


Recorded Statements: Should You Agree?

A request that is commonly made by an insurance company is for you to give a recorded statement.  Unless liability has been clearly established, it is never wise to give a recorded statement without first having contacted a personal injury lawyer.  Beware offhand comments by the adjuster, asking if they can tape the call for their own informational purposes, as the reason it is being taped is to elicit some type of admission on your part that you may be partially at fault. Be sure that any recorded statement you give will never be used by the insurance company to help prove your side of the case, and will only be used in defense of their interests.

If an insurance adjuster asks to tape your statement or conversation, simply refuse. The same is true with answering any questions for the insurance company until you have had a chance to speak with an attorney who has reviewed the facts in your case. You are not obligated to help the insurance company in any way, or assist with their investigation.  In fact, doing so could seriously hamper your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in negotiation or at trial.


Pictures Speak Louder than Words

One of the best pieces of advice for injury victims is to take pictures of everything.  Photos can help document any injuries, property damage, and the exact location of the accident. Describing a bruise suffered is one thing; showing the jury a blown up photograph of your injury is another.  A picture of a wide gash that is open and gaping looks much more painful than a photo after stitches have been placed and the area around the wound has been cleaned.

Photos will allow the jury to see your injuries more clearly, and they can provide evidence in situations where there may be no other way to prove the extent of the damage or injuries involved. Bruising disappears over time, and without pictures the court will have no way of knowing just how extensive the injury was or how long it lasted.  Photos of the accident scene can also be important in your case to help jurors visualize the circumstances surrounding a claim.  Traffic signals and stop signs should be photographed, as well as the roadway leading up to and away from the scene of the accident.  As the insurance company will try to pin the cause of the accident on you, photos or videos can eliminate this possibility.


Soft Tissue Injuries

In most soft tissue cases, the insurance company’s evaluation will hinge upon how bad the property damage appears as juries are more likely to return larger verdicts where the property damage is visually evident. The insurance company will look at the property damage, the medical bills and any lost income in addition to considering the type of injury and length of recovery when assessing a value in a personal injury case.  Another factor to consider is your pre-accident health.  Have you had similar complaints in the past?  Have you been in other automobile accidents?  Were you already treating for other injuries?

While many insurance adjusters believe that an accident is worth less because it is a soft tissue case, only by filing suit will an injured party learn the true value of the case, provided they win at trial.  Our attorneys aggressively pursue compensation from the insurance companies for your lost income and pain after an accident.  Our accident lawyers are tough negotiators and are ready to take your case to trial if necessary.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Lawsuit against driver who cut off vehicle on freeway which caused client to careen into a ditch. Judgment obtained against driver for $600,000.00. (Tricia L.)

Husband and wife sued medical clinic for failing to monitor husband’s uncontrolled diabetes which led to partial amputation after infection in foot failed to heal properly. Settled claim at mediation for $627,500.00. (Richard and Glady P.)

Lawsuit against driver and company on behalf of husband and wife claiming emotional distress damages. Settled claim for $163,000.00, at mediation. (Dan R.)

Filed suit against landlord on behalf of family whose son suffered burn injury after smoke detector in apartment malfunctioned. Settled matter in litigation obtaining settlement that will pay Plaintiff $1.1 million through an annuity. (Christopher G.)

Lawsuitfiled by family of child who suffered fatal injuries after being hit by streetracer. Obtained judgment against driver for $1 million. (Jonathan O.)