DUI License Suspension

DUI License Suspension

DMV Hearings

Persons arrested in San Bernardino or Riverside County for drunk driving face the possibility of losing their driving privileges. In California, driving is considered a privilege and any person who abuses that privilege and puts other people in harm’s way while under the influence of drugs and alcohol face grave criminal and administrative consequences.

Whenever a person is arrested for DUI, they have to act fast to protect that privilege to drive. They can do this by making one phone call to an experienced lawyer who can request an Administrative Hearing to contest their license suspension.

The most common consequence a person faces when they are pulled over on suspicion of DUI is losing their license. Under state law, drivers implicitly agree to a chemical (i.e., blood or breath) test if arrested on suspicion of DUI. Should the driver refuse to do either one after the request is made, his or her license could be immediately suspended for a year.

Save Your Driving Privileges: How a DUI Lawyer Can Keep You on the Road

It does not matter if a person is presently facing DUI charges or has beat the charge yet still faces a suspension based on the chemical test refusal, our San Bernardino and Riverside county DUI lawyers can help. Our attorneys have represented hundreds of clients at DMV hearings, an administrative procedure separate from the criminal proceeding. With the assistance of a skilled attorney at the DMV hearing, the chances of retaining one’s driver’s license increases significantly.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI and want to contest your license suspension, contact our office to discuss the facts particular to your situation to see if we can help.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Client charged with DUI after witness called into 911 reporting drunk driver who crashed in a residential neighborhood. Negotiated a reckless driving plea for client and also successfully stopped the license suspension by by winning the DMV hearing. (People v. Elysse F.)

Client faced felony DUI charges after getting into car accident while intoxicated. Faced up to 3 years in prison, and an additional 3 years for great bodily injury enhancement. Negotiated misdemeanor deal without any jail or  community service and avoided the 1 year license suspension. (People v. Sherrie D.)

First time DUI charge dismissed against driver stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence. Negotiated dry reckless for client prior to trial. (People v. Derrick J.)

Felony charges for DUI against client for a t- bone collision in intersection. Defendant ran from the scene and charged with hit and run. Previous attorney had negotiated felony plea with credit for time served. Took over representation and negotiated misdemeanor sentence without jail time or community service when trial date was set. (People v. Dennis A.)

Client stopped for DUI after officer allegedly saw vehicle commit Vehicle Code violations. Client’s blood alcohol pattern (rising blood) provided a defense and DUI dismissed, with client admitting dry reckless charge. (People v. Michael T.)