DUI Process

DUI Process

DUI Process: What to Expect From Your Lawyer

When potential clients speak with us, a commonly asked question is what should be expected during the course of representation. While the facts of each case are unique, each client’s file must be thoroughly developed in order to provide an aggressive defense.

Step 1 – Free Office Consultation

Once a potential client contacts our office, an office consultation will be scheduled, during which the case will be looked at in great detail. A lawyer will review the facts of the case and determine whether legal issues exist which could secure a dismissal or negotiated reduction in charges. The attorney will explain what will happen at court and will be happy to answer any questions. Where it is more convenient for clients, telephone consultations are also offered.

Step 2 – Requesting Stay of DMV Suspension

During the first meeting, your lawyer will find out about your driving status and take the steps needed to protect your license. In the majority of cases, clients have been issued temporary permits and it is necessary to schedule an administrative hearing with the DMV to potentially avoid the client’s license being suspended for four months.

Step 3 – Hire, Investigate and Gather Evidence

Once a person chooses us to handle their criminal case, the attorneys will begin work immediately. They begin looking at the facts of the case, asking their client to supply additional information about the facts and/or documentation to mitigate possible punishment, including character letters and school transcripts, if available.

Once this is done, the attorneys will review the discovery in the court file after the arraignment. During the investigation, all relevant facts will be scrutinized, and legal issues will be researched and the handling attorney will craft an aggressive defense. By this point, preparation for the DMV hearing will also take place, with the responsible parties and records being subpoenaed.

Step 4 – Correspondence about Court Appearances

As a person’s case moves forward, correspondence regarding the outcome of each court appearance will be sent to the client. Clients are advised that it will often take several court appearances to have a reasoned discussion with the prosecution and that there have been instances where a successful DUI case has taken more than a year to conclude. During this time, each client’s patience and understanding is appreciated as we fight their case in court.

Step 5 – Case Conclusion

After the case has concluded and has been closed, we will send out a letter that describes, in great detail, the final disposition. Any remaining conditions that must be taken care of will be outlined in this letter as well.

If you need help in San Bernardino or Riverside County, we are ready, willing and able to provide you with personal service and fight whatever charge you are accused of aggressively.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Client charged with DUI after witness called into 911 reporting drunk driver who crashed in a residential neighborhood. Negotiated a reckless driving plea for client and also successfully stopped the license suspension by by winning the DMV hearing. (People v. Elysse F.)

Client faced felony DUI charges after getting into car accident while intoxicated. Faced up to 3 years in prison, and an additional 3 years for great bodily injury enhancement. Negotiated misdemeanor deal without any jail or  community service and avoided the 1 year license suspension. (People v. Sherrie D.)

First time DUI charge dismissed against driver stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence. Negotiated dry reckless for client prior to trial. (People v. Derrick J.)

Felony charges for DUI against client for a t- bone collision in intersection. Defendant ran from the scene and charged with hit and run. Previous attorney had negotiated felony plea with credit for time served. Took over representation and negotiated misdemeanor sentence without jail time or community service when trial date was set. (People v. Dennis A.)

Client stopped for DUI after officer allegedly saw vehicle commit Vehicle Code violations. Client’s blood alcohol pattern (rising blood) provided a defense and DUI dismissed, with client admitting dry reckless charge. (People v. Michael T.)