Out of State DUI

Out of State DUI

Out of State DUI Charges

When a person is traveling in the state of California but is licensed elsewhere and is charged with a DUI, there are several complications that can ensue. These complications are best addressed by an experienced DUI attorney. If you are charged with DUI in San Bernardino or Riverside County and want to fight the case, contact us today for a free consultation about your matter.

While a DUI arrest tends to be similar in various states, laws pertaining to permissible blood alcohol levels can differ so it is always best to seek the advice of an attorney in jurisdiction where the arrest occurred. In the criminal case, your attorney will fight to keep you from being convicted of a DUI and facing jail or prison time. At the DMV hearing, the attorney will focus on defeating the legitimacy of the stop and protecting your driving privileges from being suspended.

How a DUI Lawyer Can Help Out Of State Drivers Facing DUI Charges

Will a person automatically lose their privilege to drive in their home state if they are convicted of a DUI? That will actually depend on the state they live in. Should the state be a member of the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC), it is highly possible as the 45 constituent states have an agreement which allows them to communicate with each other about driving offenses such as a DUI. Accordingly, if a driver is found guilty of a DUI charge in San Bernardino or Riverside County, the home state (if an IDLC member) will take the necessary action to suspend the individual’s driver’s license.

If you are from outside California and have been arrested and charged with a DUI in San Bernardino or Riverside County, you need the expertise of an experienced criminal lawyer who can deal with the issues particular to your situation so as to protect your driving privileges from your home state.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Client charged with DUI after witness called into 911 reporting drunk driver who crashed in a residential neighborhood. Negotiated a reckless driving plea for client and also successfully stopped the license suspension by by winning the DMV hearing. (People v. Elysse F.)

Client faced felony DUI charges after getting into car accident while intoxicated. Faced up to 3 years in prison, and an additional 3 years for great bodily injury enhancement. Negotiated misdemeanor deal without any jail or  community service and avoided the 1 year license suspension. (People v. Sherrie D.)

First time DUI charge dismissed against driver stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence. Negotiated dry reckless for client prior to trial. (People v. Derrick J.)

Felony charges for DUI against client for a t- bone collision in intersection. Defendant ran from the scene and charged with hit and run. Previous attorney had negotiated felony plea with credit for time served. Took over representation and negotiated misdemeanor sentence without jail time or community service when trial date was set. (People v. Dennis A.)

Client stopped for DUI after officer allegedly saw vehicle commit Vehicle Code violations. Client’s blood alcohol pattern (rising blood) provided a defense and DUI dismissed, with client admitting dry reckless charge. (People v. Michael T.)