Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

While federal laws mandate that truck drivers take mandatory rest periods, some drivers take foolish risks and stay on the road to maximize profits. When this happens, it can have devastating results. Due to the government’s oversight over the trucking industry, injured parties have a number of tools at their disposal when investigating a trucking accident. In California, truck drivers and their employers are required to keep driver logs and maintenance records for their vehicles. Some trucks are equipped with black boxes which record valuable accident data.

At Amicus Legal Group, we proudly represent victims of truck accidents throughout the state. Our law firm works to help clients get the medical care necessary and maximum compensation for their injuries and suffering. We have a track record of success in truck accident cases and the will to prevail for clients.

Building a Successful Case

Write down all relevant facts as you remember them and start maintaining a journal regarding your treatment and recovery. Excellent record keeping will make it easier for a claim to be filed, settled, or litigated, if necessary. A list of all medical visits, diagnoses, medications and other expenses, including travel, incurred as a result of the accident should be recorded to help establish your out of pocket losses attributable to the accident.

We have extensive experience handling accident cases and are familiar with the legal issues that must be overcome to build the most persuasive case for our clients. Amicus Legal Group begins every case with a thorough investigation of the facts to establish liability. Our firm will fully evaluate all avenues of recovery, including lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses and out of pocket losses to include when negotiating the best possible settlement in your case.

Should I Hire a Lawyer?

An accident case can be devastating, in that your health, finances, lifestyle and normal routine are disturbed. Without legal training, it is usually not possible to get a fair settlement for your injuries. Insurance companies hope that you will make the mistake of representing yourself, because this usually ends with the claims being denied or settled for an insignificant amount.

Unless you were a surgeon, it would be highly unlikely that you would perform surgery on yourself, and the same is true of representing yourself in any personal injury case. The old saying that anyone who represents themselves has a fool for a client is true for many reasons, and making this mistake could cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, along the way. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you recover the maximum amount of compensation allowable under the law.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Lawsuit against driver who cut off vehicle on freeway which caused client to careen into a ditch. Judgment obtained against driver for $600,000.00. (Tricia L.)

Husband and wife sued medical clinic for failing to monitor husband’s uncontrolled diabetes which led to partial amputation after infection in foot failed to heal properly. Settled claim at mediation for $627,500.00. (Richard and Glady P.)

Lawsuit against driver and company on behalf of husband and wife claiming emotional distress damages. Settled claim for $163,000.00, at mediation. (Dan R.)

Filed suit against landlord on behalf of family whose son suffered burn injury after smoke detector in apartment malfunctioned. Settled matter in litigation obtaining settlement that will pay Plaintiff $1.1 million through an annuity. (Christopher G.)

Lawsuitfiled by family of child who suffered fatal injuries after being hit by streetracer. Obtained judgment against driver for $1 million. (Jonathan O.)