May 30, 2020

Brain Bleed After Being Hit by a Car in California

Pedestrian accidents very often result in traumatic brain injuries (also known as TBIs). Head traumas sustained in an accident can lead to multiple types of TBIs, with one of the most severe being a brain bleed or brain hemorrhage.  This is because a brain bleed could start off as a headache and end up as a life-threatening emergency.  If you or a loved one suffered a brain bleed as a result of a serious motor vehicle accident, ask our Los Angeles pedestrian TBI lawyer for help with your case.

Brain Bleed TBIs

A trauma can result in a tear or rupture at the brain, causing blood to flood into the cranial cavity of the skull. Because the skull is bone and not capable of expanding to allow for the excess blood, it will press on the soft tissues of the brain and cause excessive pressure and often a breakdown in critical function.

This can impact things like breathing and even heart functioning. If the intracranial pressure increases too high, it can actually cause brain tissue to become compressed.  This compression can damage brain tissue and even force it out of the base of the skull.  This can result in the wrongful death of an innocent person.

Signs of a Brain Bleed

Unfortunately, a brain bleed is not always immediately apparent right after an accident. Internal hemorrhaging may take hours to become noticeable but can quickly become a life-threatening situation.

It is important to be watchful for symptoms that may indicate brain bleed. These may even be as vague as nausea, confusion, or even a headache. Especially in someone who has been involved in a recent accident, it is important to get the care of a medical professional as soon as possible if any of these symptoms appear.

Ask our Brain Bleed Lawyers for Help at Amicus Legal Group

If you have suffered a brain bleed injury as the result of a pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation for any costs associated with your injuries. It is important to get the advice of a Los Angeles pedestrian TBI lawyer to understand your legal rights after an injury. For more information and a FREE case review, contact us today at (888) 588-1777.  We are ready and willing to help.