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After a car accident, recovery takes different forms. There is physical recovery, emotional recovery, financial recovery and beyond. Many people who are involved in car accidents never anticipate how difficult it truly is.

There were approximately 7.2 million car accidents reported to police nationwide according to recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In those accidents, three million people were injured and 72,000 lost their lives.

At Amicus Legal Group, we represent people throughout California who have been injured in car accidents caused by the negligence of others. We will work hard to get full and fair compensation for accident victims and their families so they can focus on recovery.

We handle the details. You recover.

Our team of professionals are committed to treating clients like family and helping them obtain the most compensation possible for their medical needs, out of pocket losses and for the pain and suffering sustained in auto accidents.

Let us deal with the insurance companies

Insurance companies are not profitable by being generous or paying out more money than they are forced to.

Insurance companies do not stay profitable by paying accident claims generously. Even when an insurance company has evidence that you are not at fault for an accident, they will still try to negotiate a settlement in their best interest rather than yours. In fact, they will often try to convince you to waive any claims you may have to prevent a fair payout.

Our top priority is to help accident victims and their families get the highest compensation possible. And while we deal with the insurance companies, we also want to make sure you recover physically. We will maintain contact with your doctors, and if you need help obtaining treatment, we will be glad to assist in finding appropriate providers.


Increase your odds of winning

Protect yourself by contacting a law firm that is not afraid of the insurance companies. Industry studies show that settlements for people who are represented by an attorney are 40 percent higher than those for people who are not represented by a lawyer.

Increase your odds of winning

Protect yourself by contacting a law firm that is not afraid of the insurance companies. Industry studies show that settlements for people who are represented by an attorney are 40 percent higher than those for people who are not represented by a lawyer.

California's size and population both contribute to the number of car accidents throughout the state.


Car Accidents in California

California has the most licensed drivers in the US with more than 26 million licensed drivers sharing the roads. Unfortunately, this means too that there are a high number of vehicle accidents on California roadways.

The impact of an accident cannot be represented adequately with a statistic. These figures represent many lives interrupted, families shattered and lifetimes of pain and suffering. When an accident is caused by the negligence or mistake of another party, the injured persons and their families may be able to recover financial damages in court. We are proud to help these families as they face life post-accident.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Some of the most common causes of car accidents in California include:

Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

Studies have shown that distracted driving is as dangerous as driving while intoxicated, and much more common. It occurs when anything takes the driver’s attention away from the road, but especially when texting, checking emails or social media and talking on the phone while behind the wheel.

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More than 50,000 accidents involve speeding every year in California. Speeding reduces reaction time and makes vehicles more susceptible to bad road conditions. Accidents are more severe when speed is a factor.


Alcohol & Drugs

Intoxicated drivers put innocent motorists, passengers, and pedestrians at risk. Nationwide, about one in three traffic deaths involve a drunk driver. California is no exception. There are more than 12,000 serious accidents involving alcohol every year in California; 500 of them are fatal.

Reckless Driving

Reckelss Driving

Deliberately disobeying traffic laws, taking risks for a thrill and carelessly not paying attention are all dangerous to other drivers on the road. No matter why a driver is driving recklessly, they could cause a serious accident and be liable for any injuries or fatalities that result.

Car Accidents Due To Equipment Failure

Vehicle Malfunction

Just like any type of machinery, cars sometimes malfunction. This can cause an accident through no fault of the driver. When this is the case the vehicle manufacturer or maintenance service could potentially be responsible for damages.

An attorney will investigate the cause of the accident to be sure of what happened. They also will be able to communicate and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, using their carefully honed legal skills to get you the most compensation possible.

Injuries from Car Accidents

Injuries from car accidents can be instantly life changing. Pain, paralysis, disability as well as mental and emotional distress endure long after the accident itself for some and can affect a person’s ability to earn a living and enjoy the things they love.

types of car accident injuries

Injuries from Car Accidents

Injuries from car accidents can be instantly life changing. Pain, paralysis, disability as well as mental and emotional distress endure long after the accident itself for some and can affect a person’s ability to earn a living and enjoy the things they love.

Common Injuries Include

Impact Injuries

Impact injuries occur when a body part hits a surface of the car, like the steering wheel or dashboard. Head injuries, neck injuries, broken bones, broken ribs, sprains, fractures, internal bleeding, organ damage and other blunt-force traumas to the body are possible.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are any injuries to muscles, tendons, nerves, connective tissue and ligaments. Common forms include whiplash, herniated discs, nerve damage, contusions, muscle sprains and spinal cord injuries. Spine injuries are particularly common due to the velocity with which the head and neck move after impact, and dangerous as they can cause permanent paralysis.

Penetrating Injuries

Penetrating injuries occur when a foreign object enters the body or cuts and scrapes the skin. Glass from the windshield and windows and metal are major culprits of these injuries. Loose objects from around the vehicle are hazardous when the force of impact causes them to become projectiles inside the cab.

Any of these injuries can have a dramatic impact on quality of life. Some victims live with constant pain and disability after their accident. An experienced car accident attorney can help someone who has been hurt or lost a loved one in a crash to get the compensation they deserve from the parties who acted carelessly.

Types of Car Accidents

The type of impact will affect the injuries sustained by the vehicle occupants.

The type of impact and other factors, like speed, whether the occupants are wearing seat belts and how they are positioned inside the vehicles will influence the kinds of injuries sustained and how serious they are.

  • Head-on collisions

    In a head-on collision a car collides directly into another vehicle or surface, often result in serious injury and death, even at lower speeds.

  • Rear-end collisions

    Rear-end collisions are common when one car is following another too closely, may cause whiplash and other neck and back injuries or head injuries from hitting the steering wheel.

  • Side impact collisions

    Side impact collisions, sometimes called T-bone accidents, often happen in intersections when one car fails to stop or yield right-of-way. These can be serious as well depending on speed and other conditions.

What to do After a Car Accident

If you or a family member have been hurt in a car accident you might feel overwhelmed by stress and emotion. Remember to do the following:

Get medical attention

Your top priority should be ensuring your own health and ensuring all injuries are addressed. 

It is important to get the medical attention and care you need immediately after an accident, even if you think your injuries are minor. Adrenaline and other stress hormones in the body will mask pain, making the true extent of an injury unknown for hours to days after the crash.

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Take pictures of everything

Photos can help document any injuries, property damage, and the exact location of the accident.

Photos will allow the jury to see your injuries more clearly, and they can provide evidence in situations where there may be no other way to prove the extent of the damage or injuries involved. Documentation will also help prevent the insurance company from trying to assign blame for the accident to you.

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Collect information

You or your attorney may need to contact witnesses when researching your case. 

Be sure to get a full name, contact information and insurance information from the other driver. Also, collect contact details for any passengers in the other vehicle or vehicles as well as that of any witnesses who stopped at the scene of the accident. 

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Talk to an attorney

An attorney can help determine whether you have a claim and advise on the best course of action. 

You may also want to contact a skilled car accident attorney to discuss the details of your accident. They can determine if you have a claim against another party for causing your accident and give you an idea of the potential value of your case.

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Client Testimonials

John-Paul took my civil case when no one else would because other lawyers didn’t have confidence in my daughter who has special needs to testify, if needed. John-Paul won her case against the school district without a jury because he cared about my child, believed she was honest and deserved justice. He still doesn’t mind taking my calls whenever I have a question regarding her case.
Dionne L.

I had the pleasure of working a very large scale drug case with Mr. Serrao, representing co-defendants. Mr. Serrao was a pleasure to work with. Highly skilled and very aggressive in his advocacy on his client’s behalf. I highly recommend Mr. Serrao for anyone looking for a criminal defense attorney.

Babak Farahan

Occasionally you meet another attorney who is so impressive both personally and professionally that you want to be affiliated with them in any way you can both personally and professionally. That is how I feel about John-Paul. I not only consider him one of the finest attorneys I know, but I now proudly call him my friend. He is among the very best.

David Booth

Mr. Serrao worked on my DUI charge earlier this year and all I can say is WOW! Not only did he keep me updated with the case but his knowledge of the process helped calm my nerves, which was very important to me. He showed care for me as a client and I can’t thank him enough. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a quality criminal defense attorney.

Derrick J.

John-Paul is a superb attorney. He was my mentor when I was in law school, and now as an attorney I still go to him for advice on complex cases. When my brother required representation I referred him to John-Paul. That is how highly I think of JP as an attorney. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs representation.

Kit Westbrook

John-Paul is an extremely effective criminal defense attorney. The one thing that makes him stand out from other defense attorneys is that he talks to his clients to learn the circumstances surrounding their incident and then he makes a forceful and articulate argument in defense of his clients. I recommend my clients to John-Paul when they are in need of a criminal defense attorney because I know he will stand up for them.

Stephen Rinka

John-Paul is well known in our community as a smart and effective criminal defense lawyer who is sensitive to his clients’ situations and responsive to their needs. I refer my clients to him with confidence when they need help with the criminal justice system.

Lawrence Brock

Attorney John Paul-Serrao helped us to win our case against the insurance company after we were involved in a traffic accident where our car was rear ended, we tried to handle it ourselves with the insurance company and they did not want to cooperate with us, so we hired Mr. Serrao and he was able to get us a settlement above with the insurance company was willing to pay. I would highly recommend him.

Lupe G.