June 20, 2020

Los Angeles Tire Blowout Lawyer For 18-Wheeler Wrecks

Trucking accidents in Los Angeles cause many unfortunate deaths and injuries each year. One of the most common causes of these accidents is tire blowouts. Our Los Angeles tire blowout accident lawyers know that blowouts from an 18 wheeler will often result in debris flying out into surrounding traffic. Depending on which tire blows, the explosion from the blowout may cause the driver to lose control over the rig and cause a rollover or other accident with surrounding traffic.

Although tire blowout accidents are often just unfortunate accidents, some represent negligence on the part of the truck driver or transit company. Truck tires can break down due to many reasons from not enough tread to excessive speed on the road. Although there are times when the tire itself may come into question, many blowout accidents are caused by improper maintenance.

FMCSA Regulations on Tires

Drivers and companies must adhere to strict maintenance guidelines set out in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations under 49 CFR section 393.75. This includes using tires that do not have any of the following:

  • Body ply or belt material exposed on the tread or sidewall
  • There is no tread or sidewall separation
  • The tire is not flat
  • The tire does not have an audible leak, or
  • There are no cuts in the ply or belt material.

Drivers are required to conduct a series of mandatory inspections and repairs before getting on the road. Lack of adherence is considered negligence when it leads to an accident involving the rig and the trucker or company may be held liable.

California Trucking Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured in an accident involving a truck blowout in California, you owe it to yourself to seek the advice of an experienced Los Angeles tire blowout accident lawyer. For more information and a FREE case review, contact us today at (888) 588-1777.  We are ready and willing to help.