June 30, 2020

Can I Recover Future Lost Earnings Due to a Brain Injury in California?

Here in California, the law provides for injury victims to recover certain things if he or she has been injured in an accident involving the carelessness or negligence of another. Lost wages and future lost earnings are two of those things. Our Los Angeles future lost earnings lawyers at the Amicus Legal Group know how important it is for a victim to get the full extent of what they may be entitled to for their future lost earnings.

In the case of an injury that renders a victim unable to work either short-term or long-term, lost wages can be recovered as economic damages resulting from an accident that has been caused in whole or in part by another’s negligence. Lost wages and future lost earnings are the loss of earning capability by the injury victim that has resulted from these injuries and are calculated based on what the individual is not able to earn while incapacitated.

In the case of a catastrophic brain injury that may impact the individual long-term or permanently, California law also allows for the individual to recover for future lost earnings, or “lost earning capacity.” This is what he or she will be losing in anticipated future income because of injuries.

Moreover, victims may need future treatment including physical therapy, medications, surgery, and other procedures.  These can also be compensated under California law.  However, these types of damages are usually fiercely defended and often result in significant opposition from an insurance company, insurance adjuster, or a defense lawyer.

This is why it is imperative to have an experienced Los Angeles future lost earnings lawyer on your side.  Both the concepts of lost wages and future lost earnings are compensatory damages that an injury victim may recover in a brain injury claim. After an accident resulting in a brain injury, it is always important to get the professional legal advice from one of our experienced lawyers at the Amicus Legal Group to understand your legal rights to compensation. For more information and a FREE case review, contact us today at (888) 588-1777.  We are ready and willing to help.