June 30, 2020

What are my Rights If I Was Hit by a Car in the Crosswalk in California?

According to CDC statistics, over 6,000 pedestrians each year are killed after being hit by a car.  California, New York, and Florida account for 42% of these fatalities.  This is why crossing at crosswalks and well-marked intersections is important to protecting the health of a victim.  While most people do cross at a crosswalk, some take a risk and may not.  But even if you are at a crosswalk, far too many negligent motorists ignore the laws regarding crosswalks and pedestrians.  If you or a loved one were hit in a crosswalk, ask our Los Angeles crosswalk accident lawyer for help with your case.

California Crosswalk Law

California Vehicle Code section 21950 makes motorists legally obligated to yield to a pedestrian.  These means almost any case where a pedestrian is hit inside the crosswalk, liability will be imposed on the driver who hit him or her. There are some cases, however, when a pedestrian will be partially responsible for the accident. As a comparative negligence state, the pedestrian will then be compensated for damages in proportion to the percentage of fault of the driver.

Getting compensated for injuries is not always easy, even if the negligence of the driver seems obvious. Although the at-fault driver’s insurance should be responsible for the costs and damages associated with a pedestrian’s injuries, insurance companies are notoriously reluctant to pay fair compensation for injuries. In fact, some insurance companies will even unfairly blame the victim and even try to undervalue or deny an otherwise valid claim.

It is always important to get the advice of a Los Angeles crosswalk accident lawyer to understand your rights as the injured party and if you are entitled to compensation for your damages. These can include medical costs, lost wages, and other damages associated with the accident. For more information and a FREE case review, contact us today at (888) 588-1777.  We are ready and willing to help.