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Learning that you need an attorney is never fun. Finding the right one shouldn’t make the situation worse.

With hundreds of law firms out there, finding the right one can be daunting.  We aim to be different. To us, a client isn’t just another file or case number. We provide personal service that is as unique as you are. It’s a simple concept - but treating others how you would like to be treated goes a long way in this business.

We take your case personally.  Because we know that you do.

Being different means trying harder.

It means returning emails promptly and keeping clients informed each step of the way. If you’re ready for a client experience designed to knock your socks off, give us a call today to see how we can help.

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You will receive a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

Come in and meet the attorney who will handle your case. We never charge a consultation fee.

We keep you advised about all developments in your case.

You can relax knowing that we will be there at every step of your case, answering your questions and keeping you informed.

We treat you with courtesy and respect.

Our staff are like family. Choose us to represent you, and expect to be treated like an extended member of the family.

We return all calls and emails promptly.

You deserve to get updates about your case in a timely manner. Whether its an email or a phone call, we reply quickly.

Practice areas

We love to stand up and fight for our clients. Learn more about our services below.

Seeking justice for clients



Every day, hundreds of people walk out the door, unaware that their lives or those of loved ones may suddenly change. It could be a car crash. A slip and fall. Maybe a dog bite. Our staff has more than 30 years of experience helping injured victims and their families with accident claims. We are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to recovering compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more.

More about our personal injury cases


As law enforcement cracks down on crime, many individuals get caught in the sweep to clean up the streets and end up getting convicted for something they never did in the first place. Defending these cases can be hard work. Our team understands exactly what it takes to build a strong, successful defense. We have years of experience defending cases, are knowledgeable and committed to success because our clients’ lives depend on it.



Facing a mountain of debt can be daunting. Even simply making the decision to file for bankruptcy can leave you feeling overwhelmed or anxious. We are here to address all your concerns and answer your questions. The bankruptcy process can vary depending on the Chapter under which it is filed. We help our clients navigate complex bankruptcy laws and guide them through the key steps of filing their bankruptcy petition. Our legal team is dedicated to helping clients achieve debt relief and peace of mind about their finances.

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We’ve been fortunate enough to work with fantastic clients from all walks of life over the years. We’re proud of the testimonials we receive.

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Improving legal representation, one success at a time.



Lawsuit filed by family of child who suffered fatal injuries after being hit by streetracer.  Obtained judgment for $1 million.



Defendant charged with possession of narcotics for sale.  Max of 16 years in prison, 8-year offer. Not guilty on all charges following jury trial.



Defendant charged with felonies for possession of methamphetamine for sale and child    endangerment. Case dismissed following motion.



Lawsuit on behalf of child burned in apartment with faulty smoke detectors.  Initial offer was $5,000.  Lawsuit filed and case settled prior to trial.



We bring extensive experience and knowledge to the table in order to get the best results for clients.

What to Expect

Potential clients often ask us what they should expect during the course of representation. While the facts of each case are unique, they share several key steps that determine how the legal process will play out.


What you can expect during each stage of a personal injury lawsuit.



Free Office Consultation

Once you contact our office for a free consultation, your personal injury attorney will discuss your case with you and determine whether you have a valid claim. You should come to the meeting prepared with medical records, police reports and other accident-related documentation.

What you can expect during each stage of a personal injury lawsuit.



Hire, Investigate and Gather Evidence

If you decide to hire us, we will thoroughly research your case to determine the extent of damage and injury. Our team will also collaborate with experts when necessary. Your personal injury lawyer will get in touch with the insurance company representing the opposing party. You will be updated about negotiations and other significant developments throughout the lawsuit process.

What you can expect during each stage of a personal injury lawsuit.



Accept a Settlement or File a Lawsuit

Not all personal injury claims result in a lawsuit. Your lawyer will inform you about any settlement offers presented by the other party. If the case cannot be resolved upfront with a settlement, your lawyer may file a lawsuit seeking compensation.

What you can expect during each stage of a personal injury lawsuit.




Mediation is an informal proceeding in which both parties engage in negotiations under the oversight of a neutral mediator. It can occur at any point upon request. If both sides are unable to arrive at an agreement during mediation, the case is scheduled for trial.


What you can expect during each stage of a personal injury lawsuit.




The discovery phase occurs prior to trial. It consists of each party investigating and evaluating the other’s legal defenses and evidence. If the case has not been resolved, it will proceed to trial and lead to a verdict, most often delivered by a jury. Your personal injury lawyer will present your case in court and fight for the best possible outcome.

What you can expect during each stage of a personal injury lawsuit.




Even if the jury returns a verdict in your favor, the case may not be over yet. The losing party may appeal and ask a higher court to reconsider the case.

What you can expect during each stage of a criminal defense lawsuit.



After the Arrest

Once you have been arrested, you are in the custody of the criminal justice system and “booked” pending the matter’s resolution in court. You may be released on the promise to appear in court to face the charges. After the police complete their investigation, the District Attorney or City Attorney will determine whether there is enough evidence for charges to be filed against you.

What you can expect during each stage of a criminal defense lawsuit.




The court will set the date for an arraignment once the prosecution files charges. You, the defendant, will be advised of the charges and your constitutional rights. A not guilty plea will be entered.

What you can expect during each stage of a criminal defense lawsuit.



Pretrial Hearing

After the arraignment, the court will set a pretrial hearing where your defense attorney and the District Attorney will discuss whether the case may be resolved without going to trial, usually through a plea bargain. If no plea agreement is reached in a felony case, the court will set a preliminary hearing to see whether there is enough evidence to take the matter to trial.

What you can expect during each stage of a criminal defense lawsuit.




During the trial, your defense attorney and the prosecution will present their cases to the jury and cross-examine witnesses. After this is done, the court will hear closing arguments and jurors will enter deliberations in order to determine a verdict. From the moment you are arrested to the conclusion of the trial, your defense attorney will fight to ensure that your rights are not impeded upon and help you obtain the best possible outcome.

What you can expect during each stage of a Bankruptcy case.



Free Office Consultation

Once you contact our office, a bankruptcy lawyer will review your financial circumstances, income and assets. The lawyer will also explain the bankruptcy process and answer any questions you may have. The bankruptcy process varies depending on the Chapter under which bankruptcy is filed.

What you can expect during each stage of a Bankruptcy case.



Prepare and File the Bankruptcy Petition

Our legal team will collaborate with you to prepare your initial bankruptcy petition. We will provide you with a list of documents and instructions on the items required for the bankruptcy petition. Once we have reviewed your bankruptcy forms for accuracy and completeness and you have signed the petition, we will file your bankruptcy case in court. You will then receive a court notice with information about your meeting of creditors.

What you can expect during each stage of a Bankruptcy case.



Meeting of Creditors

During a creditors’ meeting, creditors will review the financial information you disclosed in your bankruptcy petition. It is mandatory that you attend the meeting of creditors. An attorney will be present with you at the hearing and will assist you with any questions asked by the court-appointed trustee.

What you can expect during each stage of a Bankruptcy lawsuit.



Debt Discharge

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings, all of your eligible debts will be discharged after the creditors’ meeting occurs and creditor motions are settled. For clients who have filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, our legal team will help you rearrange and combine your debts into a repayment plan according to your particular circumstances. Upon the plan’s conclusion, all remaining unsecured debt will be discharged.

Why hire a lawyer? Because your opponent has one.

1 | Why hire a lawyer

It’s simple - lawyers get better results.

Most of us have met someone who “knows a guy who can do your court paperwork” or has tried to handle their own case only to find themselves in way over their head. One thing is certain - going without a lawyer will always be cheaper. But cheaper is not always a good thing.

The legal system can be challenging to navigate. Some people think that a quick online search can make you an expert at almost anything. While it may help you fix a clogged sink, self-diagnosing a medical problem after a couple minutes on WebMD or handling your case in court requires a different level of expertise. We have the experience to avoid the pitfalls faced by those less prepared. Don’t chance making a mistake and leave the legal headaches to us.

2 | Mission & Philosophy

Relentless Representation. No exceptions.

How do we try to be different from other firms out there? Our goal is to bring clients the best law firm experience and each team member shares that vision.

We will meet you where you are and get you where you want to be. Explain each aspect of your case and what it means for you, in plain English. Provide straight answers when you ask questions. And treat you with respect from the moment we answer your call to the end of our time together.

Amicus Legal Group will make sure attention is paid to every detail, so you get the best possible result. We approach every case fearlessly and will not hesitate to take a case to trial if necessary.

Our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality representation while making the process as transparent as possible. We are passionate about our clients and getting the best result in each case.