June 12, 2020

Costs of a Personal Injury Lawyer in California

If you have never used a lawyer before, the process can seem intimidating. There is often a negative reputation associated with attorney fees but the truth would surprise most. If you need an attorney, do not let the issue of cost get in the way of your decision to hire someone you trust. In reality, there are a variety of factors that affect the overall cost of legal representation.

What to Expect with Legal Costs

Be sure to interview a few different lawyers. You may want to ask friends or family for suggestions, and then call each one to set up a consultation. Most times, these consultations will be free. Have a list of questions to ask, and use this list with each possible hire so that you can compare answers later and choose the attorney that best fits your needs. 

Here are some potential questions to ask regarding fees:

  • What hidden costs am I responsible for?
  • Who pays for administrative costs?
  • Are court fees and filing fees included?
  • If we require experts on the case, do I pay for them?
  • How much of a contingency fee do you charge?

Contingency Fees in California

With a contingency fee, your attorney will only get paid if he or she wins your case. If no money is recovered, no fees will be owed. It is important to note that some lawyers require the client to cover certain costs. That is why it is so critical to ask the above questions to the attorneys you interview.

If an attorney wins your case, the fee you owe is based off of a percentage of the settlement you receive. The percentage varies, so do not be surprised if each lawyer you interview gives you a different percentage quote. On average, most will charge somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of the settlement amount. 

Factors that Affect Contingency Fees

There are several factors that affect the contingency fee charged. One major factor is the amount of experience. Expect to pay more for a lawyer who has been in the business for years. Naturally, the increase in cost will often reflect one’s reputation or success rate. An attorney fresh out of law school will be more affordable, but will come with less experience. Less experience does not equate to a lack of talent or work ethic, but it is something worth considering when determining which lawyer to hire.

Always Ask Questions

No matter the case type or topic, be sure to ask these direct questions to the attorneys you interview. The best way to prepare yourself is to go into a case knowing what is at stake and what you will owe when all is said and done.

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