September 12, 2020

Head on Collisions Caused by a Car Crossing the Centerline in California

A head on collision is one of the deadliest accidents on our roadways today. When you are faced with two vehicles traveling at high speeds that collide head on, the sheer force of their impact and momentum will often cause far more damage and physical toll on the passengers than a collision of another type, particularly if one vehicle is larger than the other. Our Los Angeles centerline accident lawyers and auto accident law firm know just how dangerous and deadly this can be.

In the majority of cases, head on collisions are the result of carelessness and can happen in a variety of instances:

  • Unsafe passing — in areas where passing isn’t permitted, passing in a no-passing zone can lead to a head on collision
  • Unsafe speeds — speeding in itself is dangerous but unsafe speeds while hitting another vehicle head on can be catastrophic
  • Driving on roads with no barriers between lanes — no barriers allow for vehicles to cross the centerline, often in the face of oncoming traffic
  • Fatigue — fatigue and driving never mix, particularly in areas where traffic is passing each other in close proximity
  • Driver distraction — driver distraction is quickly overtaking drunk driving in fatal car accidents. Talking on the phone, texting, or even eating can provide just enough distraction to end catastrophically
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol — driving while impaired slows reaction time and can even cause a driver to fall asleep at the wheel.

Other things such as low visibility, roadway debris, animals in the road, and tire blowouts can cause a driver to cross the centerline and put them on a head on collision course.

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