November 21, 2020

How Do I Get Medical Bills Paid for After a Dog Bite in California?

If you have suffered a dog bite in California, you understand the physical as well as the emotional implications. California leads the nation in dog bite claims. Fortunately, if you have suffered a dog bite under California dog bite law you may entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages.  Even if that dog was a small pup, toy breed, or generally passive animal, anytime you are bitten by a dog you should ask an experienced Los Angeles dog bite lawyer for a FREE case evaluation.

Proving a Dog Bite Claim

Unlike other areas of the country, in California a dog bite victim does not need to prove that the dog had a previous history of aggression. If a dog bites you, whether it has been a pattern of behavior or if it is a first offense, the owner of that dog is responsible for any damages caused by the bite, including medical costs. This is providing, however, that the dog bit you while you were lawfully on that property and you did not provoke the animal.

The burden of proof to establish a dog bite claim in California is a “preponderance of the evidence,” or that the defendant was more likely than not responsible for the dog bite.  This means that a victim only needs to establish a claim by 51%, as opposed to the more well-known burden of proof that is “beyond a reasonable doubt” that is between 98% and 100% certainty.

Damages for Dog Bite Claim

As the victim of a dog bite, you may be entitled to compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and physical and emotional suffering. The largest component is typically pain and suffering, which can be past pain and suffering (measured from bite to settlement/court award) and future pain and suffering (measured from settlement/award to estimated date of death).

There are also instances where you can seek punitive damages in the case where a dog owner acted with malice.  But this is only in rare and exceptional cases of egregious conduct.

Ask our Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyers for Help

If you have been bitten by a dog and suffered financial and/or emotional damages, it is important to get the guidance of a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer to understand your rights to compensation under the law. For more information and a FREE case review, contact us today at (888) 588-1777.  We are ready and willing to help.