December 30, 2020

Concussions from a Car Accident in California: Do I Have a Good Case?

Brain injuries are one of the most devastating types of injuries in California accidents.  Of all the different types of brain injuries, concussions are the most prevalent of those brain injuries.  Many people may think of a concussion as mild or not urgent, particularly because of the latest news with sports concussions and players returning after missing only a few plays.  However, our Los Angeles concussion injury lawyer knows that a concussion after a motor vehicle accident is a very different type of injury that needs to be reviewed by an experienced lawyer because victims may be entitled to compensation for their damages.

What is a Concussion?

The CDC defines a concussion as a brain injury caused by a “bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth.” In matters of a car accident, a concussion can be the result of the head coming into contact with a dashboard, a steering wheel, a window, or even objects inside the car. But a direct strike to an object is not even needed for a concussion. Any action that can cause the brain to hit the interior of the skull with no external impact can also cause a concussion.

Dangers of Concussions

It may be easy to overlook a concussion because symptoms can often be vague and not surface for hours or days after the incident. Different people will feel different symptoms from a concussion which makes them so difficult to pin down. Consequently, after a car accident, it is vitally important to get medical assessment to determine if you have suffered a concussion. The more evidence you have, the better the success of your claim. 

This is because the dangers of concussions can be long lasting.  The damage from the impact can cause physical damage or chemical changes in the brain.  This can result in significant damage to tissue.  It can also result in a permanent risk that future impacts to the head could be catastrophic or even fatal.

Ask our Los Angeles Concussion Injury Lawyer for Help

When you have suffered a concussion in a car accident, having the legal guidance of a Los Angeles concussion injury lawyer like one of ours at the Amicus Legal Group.  Our compassionate and skilled team can help you understand your rights to compensation for your injuries. For more information and a FREE case review, contact us today at (888) 588-1777.  We are ready and willing to help.