December 30, 2020

Drunk Driver Accident Lawyer in California Explains Liability for Victims

One of the most needless causes of harm that a victim and his or her family may suffer are from drunk driving auto accidents.  This is simply one of the most preventable causes of a motor vehicle accident in the United States.  According to government statistics, over 10,000 people are wrongfully killed each year due to drunk driving accidents.  This includes right here in California and in Los Angeles, were many innocent people are killed due to the reckless and careless conduct of a drunk driver.  If you or a loved one were injured or if a loved one was wrongfully killed by a drunk driver, ask our Los Angeles drunk driving accident lawyer at the Amicus Legal Group for a FREE consultation to learn about your rights to compensation.

California Law Prohibits Drunk Driving

Everyone knows that drunk driving is illegal and unlawful.  The only issue is that some drivers simple do not care to follow the law.  A drunk driver who fails to follow the law and causes personal injuries to an innocent person is not only facing severe criminal liability, but also civil liability.

A victim who is hurt by a drunk driver will use civil law to seek a recovery for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, lost future earnings, and other damages.  First, everyone knows that drunk driving is illegal.  When a defendant violates California law and causes a serious auto accident by driving drunk, he or she will likely have violated California law.  As a result, a drunk driver who causes an auto accident is likely negligence per se, or automatically liable for an auto accident by virtue of violating the law and causing harm to a person who was supposed to be protected by the statute (i.e., another motorist or pedestrian).

In addition, a victim may be able to establish that a driver who was intoxicated was also acting unreasonable and negligent.  This is through a body of law known as common law, or judge-made law that has evolved over the decades from public sentiment.  Even if a defendant does not exceed the legal limit, the drunk driver may still be liable under California law due to his or her negligence or conduct that unreasonably increases an unnecessary risk of harm to an innocent person.

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