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Hours of Service Violations in California: When a Fatigued Truck Driver Causes a Big Rig Crash

Driver fatigue is one of the most common causes of trucking accidents on the road today. With truck drivers succumbing to the pressures of getting a load to its destination despite unrealistic timelines, they become pushed to their limits and often keep driving even though regulations deem otherwise. Federal Motor ...
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Car Accidents with Emergency Vehicles: When Can I Get Compensation for my Injuries?

When it comes to emergency vehicles in California, there are specific laws regarding accident liability that differs from ones having to do with individual passenger vehicles. Because these emergency vehicles are often responding to life-threatening issues, they can lawfully disregard some of the rules that other motorists are bound by ...
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How Do I Mitigate My Damages in a Car Accident Case?

Seeking legal help after a car accident is crucial for many reasons. You might be owed compensation for your injuries, but the process is not going to be easy. Not only will insurance companies make it painful, they will also demand proof of everything in an attempt to short-change your ...
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Am I At Fault if I Hit a Car Making an Improper Left Turn? LA Lawyer Explains Liability

Every accident is different and each needs to be considered individually. But, typically, a driver who is making a left-hand turn is required to wait for oncoming traffic unless 1) they have a green turn arrow or 2) they have enough space and time to make a safe and complete ...
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Injured by a Car Running a Red Light in Los Angeles

In personal injury, a claim is usually contingent on the victim proving fault and negligence. Proving negligence can often be complicated and difficult. But when you have been injured by someone who violates the vehicle and traffic, the concept of negligence is a bit different.  This is particularly true when ...
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What Happens if a Trucking Company Fails to Test a Truck Driver After an Accident?

Understanding FMCSA Mandatory Testing Victims who are injured by a tractor trailer may have many questions.  This is particularly true if a loved one was wrongfully killed by a negligent truck driver.  Victims and their families should know that whenever a loved one is seriously injured or wrongfully killed, they ...