January 11, 2020

What are the costs of a DUI?

What are the consequences of a DUI conviction?

It is important to understand that a driving while intoxicated (DUI) charge can have serious consequences aside from the court proceeding and DMV hearing. Below are some collateral consequences one should keep in mind prior to pleading guilty to a DUI.

Driver’s License Suspension

California law states that a person can have their license suspended at their DUI arraignment if they have had a DUI conviction in the last five years, had a .08 or above on the breathalyzer or refused to take a chemical test. A hardship license can be available in situations where the defendant has no prior DUI convictions and have not refused to take a chemical test.

Court-Mandated Alcohol and Drug Programs

There may be instances when a DUI defendant will be ordered to attend an alcohol and/or drug counseling program either as a pre-sentence or a post-sentence ruling. Persons may have to attend the program several times a week. Some programs may make it harder for a person to have a job and it is also not unheard of for a court to sentence someone to county jail for repeated failure to the program. These kinds of programs can cost thousands of dollars which the offender is responsible for.

Disclosing Pending Charges to Employers

DUI offenders will need to disclose to their employers that they have been arrested for the charge especially drivers, principals, teachers, the state liquor authority or any other certified position. Union agreements may require persons to disclose any DUI arrest, failure of which could result in termination of employment.

Court Mandated Fines and Fees

Besides losing one’s license, a conviction for a DUI can subject one to thousands of dollars in court fines and restitution which, if unpaid could extend the period of probation or be converted to county jail.

Career Licenses

A person who teaches or has a nursing license risk their careers with a DUI conviction. Applications for licenses can be denied and/or revoked based upon certain convictions. A DUI conviction can prevent individuals from pursuing certain law enforcement and government jobs as well.

Vehicle Insurance

Whenever a person has a DUI conviction on their record, their insurance could increase significantly for 10 years. It is the biggest reason people hire attorneys to fight their case. If a fatality occurs, any auto coverage could be denied entirely.

DUI Accidents and Lawsuits

Whenever a person is arrested for DUI and an accident occurs, this is often a serious legal issue. If a person pleads guilty to the charges, it could cause them problems in a civil lawsuit based on the same facts as a guilty plea could serve as an adverse admission in that case.


Court ordered fines and fees are not dischargeable even by filing for bankruptcy.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If a person is injured in an automobile accident due to a DUI, they can be denied worker’s compensation benefits.

Child Custody and Support

A DUI case can actually affect one’s chances of getting custody of children or supporting their children. Child support obligations will not be reduced for people in jail for a DUI.

Traveling Abroad

After being convicted of a DUI, a person may not be allowed to travel abroad (i.e., Canada may refuse to issue a tourist visa for persons convicted of a DUI)

Whenever someone has been arrested for a DUI, they need aggressive lawyers to help them combat the charges. If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DUI in San Bernardino or Riverside County, contact us today for a free consultation regarding your matter.