November 18, 2020

Could Unrealistic Trucking Schedules Be the Cause of my Trucking Accident?

Our Los Angeles trucking accident lawyers know that one of the primary reasons for trucking accidents is due to truckers rushing to get a delivery to its destination on time, often risking safety because of driver fatigue. Even though federal regulations limit the number of hours that a driver can stay behind the wheel of a rig, far too many companies and even the truckers themselves feel stressed to meet unrealistic delivery timelines.

Hours of Service Violations from the FMCSA

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, knows that fatigued drivers are dangerous drivers.  This federal agency has implemented Hours of Service (HOS) regulations to ensure that truck drivers are only driving a particular number of hours with adequate time off in between for rest. Further regulations even go on to impose the amount of time that the driver must rest in between active sessions of driving.

Specifically under the FMCSA regulations, 49 CFR section 395.3 provides that “[n]o motor carrier shall permit or require a driver of a property-carrying commercial motor vehicle to drive . . . for any period” that violates the HOS regulations. 

Unfortunately, these regulations do not solve the problem when drivers are pressured to fulfill unrealistic schedules for deliveries and are left to ignore regulations and falsify driver log books. In fact, some motor carriers and trucking companies may even threaten drivers to violate these regulations or otherwise be terminated.  While the truck drivers are violating the law by being forced to work to keep food on the table for their families, it is really the trucking companies that are contributing to these serious risks of accidents. 

Ask Our FMCSA Violation Lawyer and Los Angeles Trucking Accident Lawyer for Help

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