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Diffuse Azonal Brain Injury Lawyer in California

A diffuse axonal brain injury, otherwise known as a DAI, is caused when the brain rotates inside the skull, causing the nerve fibers -- axons -- of the brain to either partially or fully tear. These types of brain injuries are seen in injuries involving severe trauma to the brain ...
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Causes of Quadriplegia in Personal Injury Accidents: Los Angeles Quadriplegia Lawyers

One of the most catastrophic personal injuries that our bodily injury law firm handles is quadriplegia.  Our experienced Los Angeles quadriplegia lawyer understands just how devastating the loss of all four limbs can be for a victim and a family. This type of complete paralysis affects the torso and both ...
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Do I Need a Lawyer to Settle my Car Accident Claim?

A common question that most people have after a motor vehicle accident in California is whether they need a lawyer to settle their claim.  Some people even ask if they need a lawyer to sue their car accident cases.  There is no requirement under California law that requires a victim ...

Liability in “Doored” Bicycle Accidents in California

Most bicyclists are aware of the dangers of being doored by a car. And yet, these accidents still happen far too frequently. From drivers who park in bike lanes to those who simply are not paying attention to their surroundings, dooring accidents are almost always caused by a driver or ...
Declare Bankruptcy

Can You Declare Bankruptcy More than Once?

Bankruptcy laws have changed over the years. That has left some people wondering if it’s possible to seek bankruptcy protection more than once. The short answer is yes, provided certain conditions apply. Here is what you should understand about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and how you could seek ...

Rear End Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles, California

Rear end collisions are some of the most common types of motor vehicle accident collisions types.  The same is true of bicycle accidents, where the majority of all bicycle crashes are caused by a rear end collision.  These accidents can cause devastating injuries and far too many fatalities.  Our Los ...